Role of women in modern society essay

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February 17, February 27, February 28, March 1, March 3, March 9, March 15, March 22, March 25, April 6, April 8, May 2, April 12, April 13, April 17, April 30, Arisha Khan. Hira Urooj. May 11, May 13, May 19, June 15, June 22, August 4, Mounika yadav. August 8, August 11, August 12, Scientific and industrial field, as well as other technological industries are influenced and dominated by men. Despite the fact that there are women who have played an important role in the development of STI industry, their names are rarely mentioned.

For example, Ada Byron King, the daughter of the famous Lord Byron, became the first computer programmer. She also was a prominent mathematician. Unfortunately, her name is rarely mentioned in the history of the development of the computer industry and when people speak about this sphere they remember the names of famous male specialists.

Hypatia, a Egyptian mathematician who lived in s made great contribution to the development of science.

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Maria Gaetana Agnesi made a great contribution to the science by her work in differential calculus in s. Sofia Kovalevskaya worked in s in Russia. Her contribution to the development of astronomy and mathematics is hard to overestimate. From recent history, it is worth to mention Grace Hopper, a PhD in mathematics. She became one of leaders on the field of software development and made a great contribution to the development of new programming techniques.

Grace Hopper became the first to recognize possible profits people could have from the use of computers and she did a lot to put her ideas into practice. She realized that making the computers easier in use would increase their popularity among ordinary people. In this way she made her contribution to the computer revolution and made computers more available. It also demonstrates the way female brain works. In contrast to men, who think about complicated schemas and complex technologies, women take into account the sphere of application and use technology more available for people.

Women tend to take a more practical approach.

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In the interesting study performed by the Center for Children and Technology specialists tried to find the difference between male and female approaches to technological advances. The participants of the experiment, both — men and women — were asked to described the perfect machine of the future. Results showed that machines proposed by men were designed in order to get their owners to expand control and to become more powerful. The machines designed by women had an intention to help people and to make their life easier.

These differences in approaches to technological innovations show basic difference between male and female approaches in life. Men want to expand their influence and women are ready to adapt technologies and make their use easier and more comfortable for people. That is the reason men are more likely to invent new things and women are more likely to improve things which already exist.

This division does not make men superior to women nor vice versa. It means that men and women possess different types of knowledge and skills and best results can be achieved in their combination. Until present moment women were underestimated in the computer industry. Little female IT specialists took part in the development of the hardware and software.

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  7. Women are not presented in major CEOs and in the biggest companies which produce computers. The National Assessments on Gender and STI report states that women still have worse access to information and technologies in comparison to men. In addition, the percentage of women in science and technology is very low Gender Equality in the Knowledge Society. In addition, women have less access to different resources, which would help them to take leadership position and have active influence on social processes. Women usually have lower access to finances, property, education and technology.

    This can be explained by several reasons. Generally, women who try to enter technology profession experience same difficulties as women trying to enter other fields. These difficulties include gender prejudgments, lack of female role models, difficulties in brining into line professional and personal responsibilities. Gender prejudgments assume common belief that women have less talents and inclinations when it comes to technologies and science. In addition, economic status and political power also play an important role in female parity in science and technology. Men occupy high position in the society and politics and have access to the distribution of resources.

    They influence the distribution of social roles, as well, and, naturally, they try to save status quo with male dominance in different spheres, and science and technology are not an exception. What is notable, women in the countries with good health care and childcare have more chances to enter the sphere of science and technology. In addition, countries where gender equality is considered to be the necessary component of the healthy society women also have more chances for normal self-expression in different fields.

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    This equality assumes not only shared duties, but also equal access to resources and participation in their distribution. Nowadays, access to property is not enough for the equality. In the era of information, access to information can be even more important than access to property.

    Property distribution is important but it will not resolve the problem completely till women do not have equal access to information and technological resources.