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Get career ideas and write your CV Tools. Get tips on finding work Job hunting. Browse study, training and scholarship information Study and training. Information for educators and employers Resources. How to write a cover letter How to write a cover letter employers will want to read. What's on this page? Cover letter basics Make your cover letter easy to read What to put in your cover letter Cover letter template Find out more. Cover letter basics Your cover letter needs to show: why you are interested in the job how your skills and experience match the job why an employer should read your CV.

Remember to: check your cover letter for spelling and grammar send your cover letter as a Word document also copy your cover letter into the message box of the email.

What’s a cover letter?

Make your cover letter easy to read To make your cover letter look good: use a black, easy to read font in one size use simple language and be warm and friendly use positive phrases like 'I have' and 'I can' use bullet points to list information avoid weak words like 'some knowledge' or 'fairly experienced' avoid starting each sentence with 'I' avoid repeating your whole CV avoid photos or images keep your letter to one page.

What to put in your cover letter 1.


Contact details Start with your contact details. For example: 10 January Then the advertiser's name, organisation, address and email. Opening Start with 'Dear Under the greeting put the position details. Explain your interest in the job In the next paragraph, explain your interest in the job and how you will fit into the organisation.

How to write a cover letter

Link your skills and experience to the job In one paragraph link your experience, skills and qualifications to the job. Research the employer online and show how your skills can be useful to the employer. It shows that I will bring important skills to the position, including: time management and strong organisational skills a high level of customer service cash handling and sales ability motivation and dedication.

Mention your most relevant professional accomplishment.

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Make it irresistible for the hiring manager to read on! Your cover letter is not a trophy case where you show off your achievements and brag relentlessly. They need solutions to their specific problems and challenges.

Cover Letter Format: Examples You Can Copy and Use + a Full Guide

In your central paragraphs, refer to the job description and show that your skills and expertise fit the job like a bespoke Zegna suit. In my previous position as a Software Developer with Acme, my primary challenge was creating new mobile apps for personal finance management.

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Here are some of my recent results:. A table cover letter format is a great space-saver. The problem? Some employers find it pretentious.

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  • Tell them! Expert Hint : Should you include every detail about your career in a cover letter?

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    The format of your cover letter ending was shambolic and unprofessional. Expert Hint : To add a nice, professional touch to your cover letter format, include a digital copy of your handwritten signature above your sign-off. This is a simple cover letter hack that can pay off big time.

    Just look at this example:. Expert Hint : Put full stops after the P and the S. To have a cover letter format that lands you the job, remember about the following:. Learn what to include in a cover letter to get this job. See how to format a cover letter and which parts to include. How to budget and save Superannuation Health Body image Drugs and alcohol Binge drinking Drugs Facts about alcohol Smoking Food and diet Mental health and wellbeing Physical health Choosing a healthcare professional Immunisation Private healthcare Tattoos Sport and fitness Support for people with a disability Housing Buying property Buying a property: What help is available?

    Buying or renting a home: which is better? Lab: Applications Now Open! Privacy Disclaimer Copyright Accessibility About us. In this section: Cover letter when no job is advertised. Cover letter when no resume is needed - no paid work experience. Cover letter: No work experience.

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