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This was mainly due to what they had available. The New England Colonies were mainly agricultural farmers.

With all the water reservoirs like Cape Cod there were plenty of fish so lots of people became fishermen. There were a lot of lumberjacks to cut down trees and export them to England. The Middle Colonies were extremely different because they set up extensive cosmopolitan cities reminiscent of New York. They had many specialists like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and teachers. They traded a lot with in North America and occasionally overseas. The Southern Colonies primarily depended on cotton and tobacco plantations. As the plantations grew they had to employ black slaves.

The plantations were fully self contained with their own blacksmith, teachers and professionals. So there were no big cities or towns.

The main plantations traded directly with Europe via the Mississippi. The three colonies all made money differently with their diverse professions and traders. The three colonies all had comparable similarities, as they were all democratic. But they ran their democratic government differently. For instance the New England Colonies was a Theocracy, which meant that the church controlled the government. The Middle Colonies had their church and government separate. The Southern Colonies were the most inequitable as they were an Oligarchy.

This meant that the rich plantation owners controlled the government because they were the only people who could afford to pay for all their own expenses. Even though the three colonies were all democratic they all had contradictory differences. Philosophically all the colonies were essentially the same. They all cherished a new start in life, their own religion, religious tolerance, trade and acquisition land.

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Jamestown was a swampy area. In the Southern, the people would fertilize soil, forest, and long rivers. These types of sources they were able to trade were the nature sources which included fish, wood, land, and farming. Some of the things they would use for trade were Tobacco, cotton, rice, wood, and farm products.

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Farming for the Southern people was very important because that is where they would get trade and products from. Since tobacco was the most important crop, colonies started to become part of the Southern Colonies such as Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland.

A similar thing that the Northern and Southern Colonies share is the relationship between the Native Americans. The relationship between the New England and the Native Americans was not so great. They did not get along that well. The Northern Colonies thought that the Native Americans were inferior on how they lived.

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Although they took the Native Americans skills on farming, Southern Colonies and the Natives did not get along as well. In the year , the Native Americans and the Southern Colonies were having dinner, they thought that everything was going to go great, but the Native Americans turn on the Southern colonies which were in Jamestown.

They killed many of the people who live in the colony. This was called the Massacre of In conclusion, In the Southern Colonies, they was good fertile soil, along rivers and swampy areas, they were able to make products of from their land. They were able to grow and produce stuff to trade and be able to get money or items back in return. Farming was very important to the Southern Colonies. In the Northern Colonies, although they did not have as much resources as the Southern Colonies, they still managed to find a way to be able to trade with others.

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They would trade fish, ships and many other things that would help them get thing done. Their struggles compared because they both did not get along with the Native Americans which made them alike. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you?

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