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Maggie Luke Mrs. Nester English 4 15 December Child Labor in Britain during the Industrial Revolution Child labor was a cruel and unfair way of using children in unnecessary situations. It was debated for a countless number of years whether child labor was a social problem or a political problem.

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Children were responsible for completing very dangerous, rigorous, and demanding jobs. Most jobs for the children were completed in factories, farms, and coal mines.

Child Labor during the Industrial Revolution Essay

Subsequently, the working conditions. During the 18 and beginning of the 19th century in certain regions of the U. S child labor made up more than 40 percent of the population Wolensky. Since the beginning of time children have always been known to help their families with domestic tasks.

Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution Essay

Most of these kids worked in factories because they were easy to control and paid less than adults. Kids earned less than half of what adults made in the work force. In these factories they usually cleaned. The world has had many great accomplishments but what people often fail to think about are the consequences of these great accomplishments. When the Industrial Revolution came to Britain, there was a high demand for labor to work in the various mills and mines because of the demand for production. Chimneysweepers also became common during this time.

Because of this, families fled from their rural farms to industrialized cities in search of work. Children were often the workers of choice because. As the world began to industrialize, the demand for labor increased greatly.

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During the Industrial Revolution child labor became a very important aspect of everyday life because the demand for laborers had grown so much. Families were not only dependent on adults for money, but they were also dependent of their children. Some children. The Industrial Revolution, lasting between the 18th and 19th century, profoundly affected the people of Europe, North America, and other regions of the world.

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The revolution produced new exciting technological innovations. As a result, the socioeconomic climate and cultural aspects of Europe and North America were altered in an unprecedented manner. Industrial opportunities also lured the population away from agrarian lifestyles to more urban populaces.

The Industrial Revolution extensively changed.

Second US Industrial Revolution, Darris Adkins Abstract In this brief paper, a description of two developments of industrialization that positively affected the United States and two developments that negatively affected the United States will be discussed. An analysis of whether or not industrialization was generally beneficial or detrimental to the lives of Americans and the history of the United States will be outlined.

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution began in the eighteenth century marking the transformation of economic power and productivity. Meaning the children would have to walk up and down the factory aisle, naked with a chain tied around their neck. This lead to many kids having back and neck injuries.

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Children even worked for free, and if they tried to escape or run away, they would be whipped in the ankles with an iron stick. In , three laws were made saying kids must attend schools 3 months per year. That law lasted until In federal government granted the authority that they have the right to regulate child labor; this law never took effect.

Then in the U. After a few years in the government successfully had authority to regulate the hours in which the children work. If all these laws never existed, then child labor could potentially still be going on. A child with an education was very rare back then. Nobody realized back then; but kids not going to school affected many generation of children. Without an education, their most likely not going to be able to have a job that makes enough money to get out of poverty.

The kids worked for about 1 to 2 cents a day sometimes not getting anything at all. Making the percentage of people in poverty lower. Child labor in the industrial revolution still affects children today for many reasons.

Children may not have realized that they have helped us alot. They made sacrifices for their family and their health just to get food on the table. Child labor gave children today a chance to have a childhood and to spend time with their parents or have a play-date with their best friends. Child Labor has affected many children today by giving the children rights, even though it took a while it still happened.