Argumentative essay contraception

Argumentative essay on contraceptives

In the s and s, long-term contraceptive solutions were developed and marketed as scientific breakthroughs. Although these methods are highly effective, lasting for anywhere from 1 week to 3 years, and are less subject to user error than is the pill, critics have raised concerns about their side effects. Others emphasize that long-term contraceptives have the potential to be used as coercive or eugenic measures against marginalized populations, such as poor women of color.

Furthermore, critics argue that scientists should prioritize developing male contraceptives, lessening the burden on women to be responsible for contraception. Thus it is largely women today who have a wide range of contraceptive options. According to a report released by the U.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , 98 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 who have ever had sexual intercourse with a male partner have used at least one contraceptive method or device, and 62 percent are currently practicing contraception. Use of contraceptives, however, varies by socioeconomic status, ethnicity, age, religion, education, and many other factors. Differences in contraceptive use bear out globally, as well.

Contraceptive use is highest in northern Europe Contraception continues to be an important issue throughout the world.

By Reverend Walter J. Schu, L.C.

As indicated by UN data, global disparities exist in use of, access to, afford-ability of, and availability of contraception. Birth control and family planning may be linked to global development by controlling population growth and by providing women in the developing world with more sexual agency, yet contraception sometimes conflicts with traditional norms about sexuality and childbearing.

Page 44 of the page document begins an effort to dismantle many of the arguments for contraceptive use. There is no uncertainty in the fact that contraceptive use significantly reduces the risk of unintended pregnancy.

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There is also no uncertainty in the fact that increasing access to contraception increases contraceptive use. The question most on point is whether the mandate to provide free contraception to all women in the United States provides a benefit. The H. What matters is whether they use effective contraception regularly. The ending date of , even though we have much more current data, is also strange.

The battle to ban birth control

In , the unintended pregnancy rate hit a year low. And the teenage pregnancy rate and teenage birthrate right now are at record lows in the United States.

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This is largely explained by the use of reliable and highly effective contraception. In addition to arguing against the positive results, the H. First, it highlights the side effects of hormonal contraceptives. Those are real , and include spotting and nausea, with the potential for mood changes. But if the government were to use the mere existence of side effects to decide not to cover therapies, there would be no therapies to cover. Looks like your cookies are disabled. Please enable and try again.

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