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Discover T1X. We moved into a little house on the west side of the yard and raised our four children; Debra, Larry, Randy, and Michael.

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I used to go to the one hundred year old orchard at Strathmore, where I picked apples, saved their seeds, and started seedlings. Many of these grew well and were a welcome addition to our forest of trees. We participated in community events, which include Conrich home and school, cubs and scouts, F. Everett drove a school bus to Conrich for many years. There were also local controversies to ponder and discuss.

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For example, the proposal to build a jail and a power plant near Chestermere. Those of us who lived along highway 1A tried to tap into the water line from Calgary that ran by our door steps. We were turned down. I tasted Calgary water for the first time, when I moved into Chestermere in There was the intrusion of a gas well on the farm in It included gas, pipe, and utility lines, as well as a water line to the cemetery. In later years Chestermere pondered annexation to Calgary. She taught for several years, but when her health failed, she moved into Calgary. She died in In , the Department of Highways decided to widen Highway 1A, only on the south side of the road.

We lost a strip of land along our property, from the home site to the land at the lake. We were obliged to move many of the trees we had planted on the north side of the property, including the three special apple trees of Frances Hodgson. There was a lot of hauling water to sustain the trees and most survived.

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We built a new house and our little house was moved to an acreage east of Chestermere. More trees were planted around the new house and extensive flower beds. Everett and I parted in and he moved into Calgary. We continued to farm together for many years, but finally divorced. A quarter section of land had been sold and two hundred acres at the lake, which is now Lakeside Green Golf Course. I was left with the home place, where my children and I continued to live. He built a home for his family which includes his wife Tracey and children, Tamara and Tristian.

These were busy years managing the farm, taking care of the buildings and farm site, as well as attending to community activities. By , I realized it was becoming too much. Hauling tons of water to the trees began to take its toll. I decided, with some misgivings, to sell the land and moved into Chestermere in The farm sat idle for many years. Wildlife moved in, an eagle, an owl, pigeons, robins and other various wild animals. It was sad to see the place deteriorate, but it was out of my hands. Finally in May , I heard something has happened.

To my dismay, I learned that all the big tall trees on the farm had been cut down!

A visit to the farm confirmed it. All those years watering, nurturing, and planting was destroyed in one day.

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So sad! Soon, everything will be bull-dozed away and no one will ever know that a special farm site once stood there. However, those of us who lived there will remember it and some of the old timers will remember when it was in its prime. My hope is the new development that is built on this property will be a credit to the Chestermere Community.

That the people who live there, will live, love, laugh and enjoy the land as much as those of us who lived on this land did for so many years. Jack and Frances Hodgson on their farm The barn at the Hodgson farm. Taken Hodgson Farm aerial view showing all the trees.

In October of the move was made to destroy the buildings that remained on the former Hodgson farm property to make way for the new development. Many felt sad to see the pile of red rubble that once was the barn. Here is the article about this which appeared in the Chestermere Anchor. I came by myself on the train. During that trip I met a young man who, after we arrived in Calgary, asked me if I might like to go fishing out at Chestermere Lake.

Because I was new to Calgary and did not know many people I decided to say yes.

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He picked me up in his car and out we went. The whole time I was so nervous and a frightened, being on my own, and neither of us were much at conversation. I did not enjoy the fishing. The whole way home, the half dead, prickly pike flopped around at my feet, it was horrible. I did not see the young man again, nor did I go fishing in Chestermere again. This sounded wonderful so I dressed up with my best dress and high heels.

It might even have been a blind date organized by my friends. Little did I know we were going to meet people who were camping and we would have a bonfire and marshmallows. I thought Chestermere Lake would be like Lake Louise with the lovely chateau and gardens. I was so embarrassed, tromping around in the mud in my high heels. But I have never forgotten that trip to Chestermere. The installation of this bridge in early then allowed walkers to connect East and West Chestermere Drive for travel on foot or bicycle.

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These photos are of the bridge as it is today, September The pathway is busy year round, cyclists, walkers, everyone out to enjoy the canal-side experience. George and May named the farm Chesterview Farm because of the good view they had of Chestermere Lake from their house.

Dorothy had finished her schooling by this time. George and May subdivided part of the farm into 20 acre parcels. In , they sold the rest of the farm acres to Bob Weedon of Cabri, Saskatchewan and they moved to a farm north of Strathmore. I want to share a story of an event that was told to me the year we purchased our lakefront home in Chestermere. My husband and I had purchased a home on East Chestermere Drive in the summer of and were anxiously awaiting our possession date. I was on a business trip and returning a car to the Avis Rental garage in Toronto when the Avis attendant, a friendly elderly gentleman reminded me I had not filled the gas tank and urged me to do so.

He told me he would come with me as it would be quick and he knew a short cut.